Artesian Products for the Body & Soul. All from ONE TREE.

Welcome to
The Avocado Tree Project.
Artisan Products for the Body & Soul.
All from ONE Avocado Tree.

Shortly after 9/11 by my beloved father, planted an avocado tree. Throughout the years this tree has fed the homeless, friends, family and neighbors.
In 2009 my father lost his battle with Cancer. I inherited this beautiful tree,
which continued to produce massive amount of fruit, with no pesticides, or fertizier just pure Florida sunshine. I continued the giving of the fruits, along with that I began concocting products for the body & soul. Thus began "The Avocado Tree Project". I hope you enjoy the collections I have put together, they are designed to be a gift to you, and a gift for you to give.
Along with that I will donate $1.00 for every item sold to cancer research in honor of my father and for all the beautiful souls battling Cancer. Truely a giving Tree.
Thank you for stopping in, join me in my quest to find a Cure.
Founder of the Avocado Tree Project.

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